Leevan Sands

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Leevan Sands…

  • Silver Medal, Triple Jump, 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2008 Olympics (Beijing)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2003 World Championships (Paris)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2002 Commonwealth Game (Manchester)

Leevan’s Favorite Vasayo Products

Leevan on Vasayo:

“Being an Olympian isn’t easy. In order to maintain a high-performance level, I am always in search of the right supplements to help my body recover faster from the workload I put on my joints. Vasayo’s products—especially Renew, V3, and Core Complete—make me feel a lot like the ‘high-school’ me again. Even better, I have more energy now for my sons even after a hard day of training.”

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Charlene Muskego

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Charlene Muskego…

  • World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro
  • 2018 WNBF World Championships, Super Pro Qualifier
  • WNBF/INBF 1st Overall Pro Debut
  • INBF 1st Overall Pro Card
  • INBF 1st Bikini Tall Open Class
  • 1st Fitness Canada Model Open Class
  • 2nd Fitness Canada Ms. Bikini Open Class
  • 5th Fitness America Ms. Bikini
  • IDFA 1st Overall Fitness Model Tall Class Novice
  • IDFA 3rd Bikini Tall Novice

Charlene’s Favorite Vasayo Products

Charlene on Vasayo:

“My husband and I joined Vasayo because it’s a 5-star opportunity. Each star resonates with us and gives us a sense of purpose in how we want to positively affect the people around us.”

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Brock Papi

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Brock Papi…

  • Professional Motocross Racer
  • 23 Combined Amateur National/World Championships
  • 11 Pro Arenacross/Supercross Futures Wins (2018–19)
  • Loretta Lynn National Championship (2017)

  • Professional Motocross Racer
  • 23 Combined Amateur National/World Championships
  • 11 Pro Arenacross/Supercross Futures Wins (2018–19)
  • Loretta Lynn National Championship (2017)

Brock’s Favorite Vasayo Products

Brock on Vasayo:

“As an athlete competing in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, taking the right supplements on a daily basis are most important to me. Vasayo products do that for me! I also want to start building additional income at a young age so when I retire from racing, I will have residual income to look forward to. Vasayo gives me that opportunity!”  

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Jessica Gaffney

Meet Vasayo’s First Sponsored Athlete Ambassador Jessica Gaffney…

  • Pro Beach Volleyball Player
  • UC Berkeley Alumna
  • Public Health Advocate
  • Vasayo Sponsored Athlete Ambassador

Jessica’s Favorite Vasayo Products

Jessica on playing pro beach volleyball:

“I love the spirit of competition and the challenge of managing the elements, physicality, and strategy required for beach volleyball.”

Jessica on Vasayo:

“I love Vasayo because its focus is on improving health by delivering quality products. Vasayo products are highly effective and help me feel my best despite my rigorous training schedule.”

Jessica on Hearts and Hands for Humanity:

“Vasayo creates change through action. Its partnership with Hearts and Hands for Humanity to build clean-water wells in Africa ignites my passion for improving global health, and I couldn’t be prouder to be sponsored by Vasayo.”

Jessica on life after beach volleyball:

“I graduated with a degree in public health and am passionate about community and global health. After volleyball I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a certificate as a Physician Assistant or Master of Public Health focusing on community and global health.”

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