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Manny Pacquiao

Sarah Gascon

Bo Van Pelt

Callum Tarren

Leevan Sands

Leevan Sands

Charlene Muskego

Charlene Muskego

Jessica Gaffney

Jessica Gaffney

Martin Casaus

Martin Casaus

Darija Jurak

Darija Jurak

Sarah Gascon

Sarah Gascon

Brock Papi

Brock Papi

Manny Pacquiao

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Manny Pacquiao…

  • Pro Record: 62–7
  • Wins by KO: 39
  • Won 12 Major World Titles
  • Only Eight-Division Champion in Boxing History
  • Only Boxer to Hold World Championships Across Four Decades (1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s)


Manny on Vasayo:

“Champions attract champions. That is why I am on Team Vasayo.”  

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Bo Van Pelt

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Bo Van Pelt...

  • PGA Tour Member (since 2004)
  • 6 Professional Wins Worldwide
  • 400 Career PGA Tour Starts
  • 52 Career PGA Tour Top-10 Finishes
  • Highest OWGR Ranking: 20th


Bo on playing professional golf:

"As a professional athlete, my body is my vehicle to make a living. There is nothing more important than taking care of my body. I was out of golf for almost four years because of a shoulder injury. I am always looking for an edge as I get older and competing against guys half my age. Vasayo products are helping me with their wide range of quality products. From nutrition to CBD and sleep Vasayo has me covered."

Bo on Vasayo:

"I am excited to partner with Vasayo because I know the people involved have a track record of success built on amazing, high-quality products. In my profession, one shot over 72 holes can make a huge difference and using Vasayo products is giving me the best chance to be successful."

Bo on CBD One Cream & V3:

"I love CBD One Cream. I have returned from shoulder surgery, and it has really helped with my recovery. I also love V3 for sustained energy and mental focus, which can make all the difference on the golf course."

What’s next for Bo:

"I have been a professional golfer for 23 years and have never been this excited about the future of my game. With the help of Vasayo products and a little luck, I think this final chapter of my career could be one of my best. I am highly motivated to push myself to be the best player I can become and to share the word on the amazing products and opportunity provided by Vasayo."

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Callum Tarren

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Callum Tarren…

  • 2018 PGA Tour China Order of Merit Title
  • 2018 PGA Tour China Player of the Year
  • 1 Career Third-Place Finish
  • 5 Career Top-10 Finishes
  • Career Low Round: 64
  • 314.9 Yard Average Driving Distance (Ranked 13th)


Callum on playing professional golf:

"As a professional golfer, I am very serious about making sure my body and mind are ready to compete. It’s incredibly important to stay fit and healthy, not just to be able to control the club effectively but also so there’s no drop in focus during the round. It’s also so important in terms of injury prevention."  

Callum on Vasayo:

"I am a big fan of Vasayo products, and I admire the Vasayo brand and its objectives with Hearts and Hands for Humanity. The products are the best on the market, and for me, it’s only right to surround myself with the best brand in the market."  

Callum on CBD One Oil:

"I compete and perform at an elite level on a weekly basis, so my body needs to be able to recover. CBD One Oil helps me with that, including achieving good sleep, enabling me to maximize my performance."  

What’s next for Callum:

"My future goals: 1) Top 50 in the world. 2) PGA Tour. 3) Ryder Cup. And to help grow the Vasayo brand as much as I can with connections in the golf industry."  

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Leevan Sands

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Leevan Sands…

  • Silver Medal, Triple Jump, 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2008 Olympics (Beijing)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2003 World Championships (Paris)
  • Bronze Medal, Triple Jump, 2002 Commonwealth Game (Manchester)

Leevan’s Favorite Vasayo Products

Leevan on Vasayo:

Being an Olympian isn’t easy. In order to maintain a high-performance level, I am always in search of the right supplements to help my body recover faster from the workload I put on my joints. Vasayo’s products—especially Renew, V3, and Core Complete—make me feel a lot like the ‘high-school’ me again. Even better, I have more energy now for my sons even after a hard day of training.

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Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Charlene Muskego…

  • World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro
  • WNBF World Championships, Super Pro Qualifier
  • WNBF/INBF 1st Overall Pro Debut
  • INBF 1st Overall Pro Card
  • INBF 1st Bikini Tall Open Class
  • 1st Fitness Canada Model Open Class
  • 2nd Fitness Canada Ms. Bikini Open Class
  • 5th Fitness America Ms. Bikini
  • IDFA 1st Overall Fitness Model Tall Class Novice
  • IDFA 3rd Bikini Tall Novice


Charlene on Vasayo:

“My husband and I joined Vasayo because it’s a 5-star opportunity. Each star resonates with us and gives us a sense of purpose in how we want to positively affect the people around us.”

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Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Jessica Gaffney…

  • Pro Beach Volleyball Player
  • UC Berkeley Alumna
  • Public Health Advocate
  • Vasayo Sponsored Athlete Ambassador


Jessica on playing pro beach volleyball:

"I love the spirit of competition and the challenge of managing the elements, physicality, and strategy required for beach volleyball."

Jessica on Vasayo:

"I love Vasayo because its focus is on improving health by delivering quality products. Vasayo products are highly effective and help me feel my best despite my rigorous training schedule."

Jessica on Hearts and Hands for Humanity:

"Vasayo creates change through action. Its partnership with Hearts and Hands for Humanity to build clean-water wells in Africa ignites my passion for improving global health, and I couldn’t be prouder to be sponsored by Vasayo."

Jessica on life after beach volleyball:

"I graduated with a degree in public health and am passionate about community and global health. After volleyball I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a certificate as a Physician Assistant or Master of Public Health focusing on community and global health."

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Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Martin Casaus…

  • Featured in Sports Illustrated in 2018
  • LLL Champion
  • ACW Champion
  • FITE TV Champion
  • Western States Cup
  • ACW Midwest Champion
  • FSW Tag Team Champion
  • ACW Tag Team Champion
  • UCW-Zero Ultra-X Champion
  • Lucha Underground Champion
  • UCW-Zero Tag Team Champion (5x)
  • UCW-Zero Heavyweight Champion (6x)
  • Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion
  • 2011 cast member of WWE “Tough Enough” TV show (USA network) 
  • Played Marty “The Moth” Martinez on Emmy-nominated TV show “Lucha Underground”


Martin on Core Complete:

"I was never big into multivitamins (which gave me stomach aches) until I found Core Complete. All the vitamins and nutrients I was missing are finally getting into my body."

Martin on Renew:

 “Renew helps ease my wrestling and gym pains and aches.”

Martin on V3:

"V3 took over for my energy drinks. Rather than downing all the crap just for an hour or so of alertness, I now take one V3 in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep going all day. This healthy alternative has helped tremendously."

Martin on Vasayo

"I’m a dedicated Brand Partner who came in on a Founders Pack, and I’ve been to every North America Convention to date. I’m committed because these products gave me the ability to manage my health and chase and attain my dream. Hopefully my story can be used to help others."

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Darija Jurak

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Darija Jurak…

  • 8 International Tennis Federation Titles (Singles)
  • 6 Women’s Tennis Association Titles (Doubles)
  • 39 International Tennis Federation Titles (Doubles)


Darija on playing professional tennis :

"My career has kept me traveling 30 weeks a year for the last two decades, so taking care of my body and maintaining my health is the most important thing. In a typical year, I’ll be in Australia in January, Dubai in February, the US in March, off to Europe, back to the US, and then finish in Asia in October. It is very demanding traveling from one continent to another while keeping my physical and mental health in top condition."

Darija on Vasayo:

"Vasayo provides clean, pure products that my body reacts perfectly to."

Darija on V3:

"I love V3. It’s refreshing and keeps my energy high throughout demanding matches and practices."

What’s next for Darija:

"As a Vasayo Brand Partner, I’m looking forward to helping make Vasayo a powerful global brand. And, as always, to stay healthy and enjoy the journey."

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Sarah Gascon

Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Sarah Gascon…

  • USA Team Handball Women’s National Team, Captain
  • NACHC Championships, 5th
  • Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st
  • European Tour (Italy, France, Germany)
  • USATH Open Nationals, Champion
  • Pan American Championships, 5th
  • Pan American Championship Nor.Ca. Qualifier, 2nd
  • USATH Open Nationals, Champion
  • Pan American Championship Nor.Ca. Qualifier, 3rd
  • Last Chance Pan American Games Qualifier, 2nd
  • Last Chance Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st, Match MVP
  • Winter Classic, USA Blue Team, 1st, Captain, Top-5 Scorer
  • American Open Beach Handball Championships, 1st
  • Carolina Blue Cup, 1st
  • Pan American Championships, 8th, Captain
  • USATH Open National Championships, 4th
  • Pan American Beach Handball Championships, 5th
  • Pan American Games, 8th
  • AZS-AWF Warsawa (POL), 2nd
  • Pan American Games Qualifier
  • Pan American Championships Qualifier, 3rd
  • Pan American Championships Qualifier, 3rd
  • Pan American Div. I Championship, 4th
  • Pan American Championships, 8th
  • Pan American Championships Qualifier
  • Chicago Inter Handball Tournament, MVP


Sarah on training for the Olympic Games

"Training for the Olympic Games requires physical and cognitive preparation. Neuro provides my brain with the necessary elements to perform at my ideal cognitive state. Renew allows my body to recover from strenuous bouts of training. The combination of the two allows my mind and body to compete at an elite level."


Sarah on Vasayo:

"Joining the Vasayo team has been a dream come true. Vasayo is more than just products; it is truly a team of extraordinary people revolutionizing the health and wellness community. It’s a privilege and an honor to represent Vasayo both domestically and internationally!"

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Meet Vasayo Athlete Ambassador Brock Papi…

  • Professional Motocross Racer
  • 23 Combined Amateur National/World Championships
  • 11 Pro Arenacross/Supercross Futures Wins (2018–19)
  • Loretta Lynn National Championship (2017)


Brock on Vasayo:

"As an athlete competing in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, taking the right supplements on a daily basis are most important to me. Vasayo products do that for me! I also want to start building additional income at a young age so when I retire from racing, I will have residual income to look forward to. Vasayo gives me that opportunity!"    

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