Liposomal Advanced Delivery

Advanced Delivery Technology

Experience the life-changing power of supplements that deliver maximum nutrition with maximum results.

Tired of nutritional supplements that don’t deliver? With traditional products, only a small portion of what you’re paying for actually reaches its intended target within the body. Vasayo has redefined the science of supplementation with formulations and delivery systems that deliver nutrition without waste
Discover the Power of Liposomes

Very Special Delivery

Discover the Power of Liposomes

By protecting nutrients through the harsh environment of the digestive system, our Liposomal Technology defines the science of advanced delivery and maximizes health benefits received.
Liposomal Advanced Delivery Enzymes Engineered for Excellence

A Better Pill to Swallow

Enzymes Engineered for Excellence

Our smart enzyme delivery system is designed to help replace lost enzymes and ensure that nutrients are absorbed and utilized faster and more effectively than they otherwise would be.

Demand more from your nutrition

With Liposomal Technology, capture all the good you were meant to receive.

Vasayo is the first nutritional company to put multiple nutrients inside of liposomes to dramatically improve bioavailability. Our liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” that surround nutrients, helping them pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.

Put simply, Liposomal Technology means better delivery and better results, providing you with energy, health and strength to pursue your dreams vigorously and tackle whatever life sends your way.



Liposomal Technology For Your Skin
Liposomal Nutritional Delivery - Engineered for Excellence