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Dallin A. Larsen

Founder & Chairman

Dallin Larsen is a former Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year and former CEO of the Year in the state of Utah. He has helped create billions in revenue in direct selling, providing opportunity for both employees and independent business owners around the world. Larsen founded MonaVie in 2005 and grew that company from zero to nearly a billion dollars in annual sales in less than five years. Under Larsen’s direction, MonaVie’s philanthropic arm (The MORE Project) provided approximately 1,500 meals per week to underprivileged children, and educated thousands of teens and adults, enabling them to find jobs, and helping them to rise above the favelas (slums) of Brazil. Prior to MonaVie, Larsen held senior executive positions and was instrumental in the launch and growth of USANA Health Sciences from 1991 to 2000.

An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a leader among leaders, Larsen has worked to help others succeed and achieve lasting significance in their lives. He’s known in the direct sales industry as “the Brand Partners' Founder” because people know that he cares and has their best interests at heart.

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Daniel Picou


An expert in global business strategy and development, Daniel Picou understands that companies today must be strategic and data-driven to stay on top of market trends and to meet customer needs. He has a deep understanding of how every decision can affect the overall culture and well-being of an organization and desires to influence the lives of as many individuals and families as possible through his passion for relationship marketing. Picou has built two successful companies that were later acquired in the B2B digital marketing space. This included the creation and management of campaigns that involved targeted traffic, customer engagement, and lead generation for both customer and representative acquisition. He has also served as an outside strategic consultant on projects with KPMG and BCG focused on helping businesses expand operations and gain market share.

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Karree Larsen


Karree Larsen is no stranger to achieving massive success against the odds. She became a commercial pilot at a time when the ratio of female to male pilots was 1 to 4,000, all while being a single mother of four children. At Vasayo, Karree uses her designing eye and impeccable taste to ensure Vasayo is delivering in an exceptional way when it comes to branded items and apparel. She looks forward to hearing your stories and is determined to help you achieve success in business and in life.

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Philip Wong


Philip Wong brings to Vasayo more than two decades’ experience driving sales as well as managing business operations and government relations for some of the most recognizable brands in direct selling. With a reputation as someone who has done much to move our industry forward in Asia, Wong is an astute evaluator of evolving intricacies within the direct selling industry, approaching his work from both corporate and sales-field perspectives. His ability to foster and attract leadership with a “Brand Partner first” approach is matched by his wide-ranging knowledge of sales, operational, and logistics systems as well as his acumen at identifying growth opportunities and building capable teams. As Vasayo’s President of Asia-Pacific Region, he oversees business operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

Wong earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University.

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Troy Mohr


Troy Mohr brings to Vasayo more than three decades of experience in operations and manufacturing in both the private and public arenas. With expertise in launching new businesses & products, opening new markets, and building high-performing teams all over the world, Mohr has a diverse background in industries from nutrition, medical, and personal care to venture placement and heavy industry/automotive.

Mohr earned his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Lewis University. He has lived in three countries, traveled to 46 of the 50 United States, and worked in 42 countries.

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