Vasayo Beleza Serum
Beleza Serum - spray solution that reinforces the skins protective barrier
Beleza Serum - dual-purpose, face-and-eye solution for enhanced beauty
Beleza Serum - Liposomal Serum Spray For Healthy Skin
Beleza Serum - helps maintain firmness of healthy skin
Beleza Serum - After 30 Days: Increased skin elasticity by 30%.
Beleza Serum - fensebiome and eyeseryl to promo healthy youthful skin
Beleza Serum - Nutritional Facts
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Beléza Serum

Believe in Your Beauty

Your beauty never was skin deep. Make it even deeper with Beléza Serum, a dual-purpose, face-and-eye solution that reinforces the skin's protective barrier and helps maintain firmness of healthy skin.*