What is Hydroxy X™ and Why is it Important?

Hydroxy X™ is a Double Patented Key Ingredient in V-Burn by Vasayo

Have you ever thought that working out was the only way to lose weight?  There’s nothing wrong with staying active and strengthening your body, but the hard truth is exercise alone won’t get rid of that stubborn excess fat if your body is fundamentally out of balance.  The latest research shows that your body needs to balance two vital hormones, Leptin and Adiponectin in order to burn fat.  Leptin regulates and reduces the feelings of hunger, while Adiponectin can help your body regulate its metabolic activity and blood sugar.  All of which are factors linked to fat storage and weight gain.

To put it simply, the hormones in your body are kind of like an electrical circuit of energy that fuels the fires that burn excess fat.  Due to a number of factors like aging and stress, levels of these two critical hormones get out of balance and in turn make it difficult for your body to burn fat.  This short circuits the body, which then slows down or in some cases completely shuts down your body‘s natural ability to burn fat. 

Introducing V-Burn

V-Burn is the perfect supplement that can be taken before bedtime to help support your body‘s natural ability to burn fat.  V-Burn contains Hydroxy X™, a double patented ingredient designed to naturally balance Leptin and Adiponectin hormones.  In a recent study women who regularly exercised and enjoyed a reduced calorie diet while taking Hydroxy X™ lost over 21 pounds of body fat in just 8 weeks!  Compared to an average of 12 pounds for those who simply exercised regularly and had a reduced calorie diet alone.

Vasayo Holds the Exclusive Worldwide Rights in the Direct Sales Industry to Hydroxy X™

Balance your body’s Leptin and Adiponectin hormone levels and burn body fat with V-Burn, a plant-based all natural supplement.

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